One of the world's leading manufacturers of Optical Profile Projectors, Co-ordinate Measuring Systems (Camera base) and Gauging Products

Cost-effective entry-level coordinate measuring machines

Providing multifaceted yet cost-effective dimensional inspection capabilities, CROMA offers the ideal option for customers looking to purchase their first coordinate measuring machine or increase capacity for an existing quality assurance operation.

Supporting manufacturers from the beginning of the product lifecycle through to final approval, CROMA machines give all-round performance for workpieces of many shapes and sizes, and deliver a quick return on investment.

Specialist in Micro Internal & External Grinding, Punches, Injection Pins, bushes and guide pillars Small hold ID grinding; up to 0.5 mm.In the beginning of manual punch machines then, Jagura always devote to developing new products to reaching to meet customer requirement

Becoming the number one machine tool manufacturer for customers. This is the "Global One" status we aim for

New Unison
The Model 1250 Punch Master is an extremely rigid production grinder for grinding round, non-round, standard and non-standard OD shapes and contours. The machine's motion is computer controlled so there is no need to use master cams